My First Blog!

So, I am a PhD researcher in the Law School at Lancaster University. I am researching the legality of lethal autonomies. If anyone wants to see my Lancaster profile, with some more info on what I’m doing there, you can see here.

My research covers drones, targeted killing, autonomous weapon systems, artificial intelligence, cyber-warfare, and counter-terrorism, amongst other things. If you would like to see any of my previous work, you can have a look at my profile here.

I’ve been meaning to set up a blog about my work for a while now, ever since I presented my masters thesis at Edinburgh PG Law Conference 2014. There was a presentation on PhD social media presence, where we were told that blogging was a great way to get information about your research out there. However, things got in the way and I never got around to it.

Fast forward to last week, and I attended a workshop on ‘How to become an Influential Researcher’, all about howto get our work noticed by policy makers. I guess this was really the kick up the back-side I needed to set up a blog. So here it is!

I really like Derek Gregory’s blog ‘Geographical Imaginations’, and I was hoping to come up was an equally brilliant title. I came up with ‘Lethal Autonomies’, but decided it wasn’t very self-explanatory at all, and nobody would have any idea what I was on about. So thought I’d just stick with my name for now. IT could change in the future.

I’m hoping to write posts mostly about interesting things I’ve been reading, and have discovered with the idea of sharing all the information I’m going through. Some posts might be about what I’ve been up to, but I’ll try and keep them to a minimum – I know nobody would want to see my holiday snaps!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I’ll try and keep posting interesting things.

Until next time.

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