Academic Information

Conference Presentations:

2014 December, Edinburgh- Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference: Autonomous Weapon Systems under the Law of Armed Conflict: The Legality of Killer Robots

2016 January, Liverpool – Liverpool Postgraduate Law Conference: Killer Nerds: The Legal Issues with the NSA’s Role in Targeted Killing (Soapbox Session)

2016 January, Edinburgh – Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference: Killer Nerds: The Legal Issues with the NSA’s Role in Targeted Killing

2016 April, Lancaster – Socio-Legal Studies Association: A Framework for Targeted Killing (Poster Presentation)

2016 July, Liverpool – Symposium on Machine Learning: Formulating an Innovation Policy for the 4th Industrial Revolution: Regulatory challenges for machine learning in weapon systems

2017 February, Barcelona – Sense and scope of autonomy in emerging military and security technologies: What is autonomy, and how do we analyse it? – an international law perspective

2017 June, Lancaster – Intellectual Party: There is no need for a ban on lethal autonomous weapon systems: how current law can regulate their use

2018 June, Groeningen – European Workshop of International Studies: The Impact and Effectiveness of an International Law Expert Manual on Autonomous Weapon Systems